Modulation of the gut microbiome for cancer therapy

Author: Michael Scharl

Michael Scharl, Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology  University Hospital Zurich

There is growing evidence for a close connection between the gut microbiome and carcinogenesis, specifically for colorectal cancer (CRC). In addition, the intestinal microbiome is dysbiotic in cancer patients after chemotherapy or radiation.

In this study, we will apply probiotic bacteria, which are part of the healthy gut microbiome and which are supposed to restore the intestinal microbiome in cancer patients. Such bacteria are freely available on the market and considered to be safe.

The aim of this study is the systematic evaluation of the effects of the application of these commensal bacteria on the change in the composition of the gut microbiome in patients with CRC in different stages. We will herewith gain valuable insight into (potentially different) impacts in patients with different cancer stages. Within the frame of this study, the intervention will also be assessed for safety and potential adverse events. For this, we will assess parameters in blood and stool samples as well as quality of life.