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Cancer, Immunotherapy and Inflammation Research


Despite major therapeutic developments, cancer remains one of the leading causes of death worldwide. The recent advent of immunotherapies has brought hope for cure and survival for patients suffering from various cancers. These therapies are aimed at boosting patients’ immune system in order to enhance recognition and elimination of cancer cells. However, a significant proportion of the patients do not respond to the treatment and there is currently no way to predict for whom it will work or not. Furthermore, since these drugs are designed to modulate the immune system, they can induce autoimmune adverse effects, which, if not managed correctly, could lead to treatment discontinuation. During this course, the students will gain insight into translational research; focusing on the analysis of patients’ biopsies and mouse samples trough molecular and cellular biology techniques, in order to answer crucial clinical questions aiming at improving therapeutic strategies.

Medical Immunology


Students learn about the healthy immune system, autoimmunity, tumor immunology, allergy, and transplantation. Mouse models and human samples are used to study these immunological conditions. Techniques used during these experiments include cell culture, standard and spectral flow cytometry as well as data analysis using FlowJo and R (no pre-requisites). To learn about allergy, we will visit the SIAF in Davos. 

Biomedicine II


Course topics: Bone and Cartilage, adipose tissue, skin, thermoregulation, adaption to work and exercise, sleep, circadian rhythm, diabetes, introduction into working with animals, introduction into principles of pharmacology

Module A - Cancer Biology


This course is an advanced course for PhD Students and gives an overview about cancer biology. 5 different topics are highlighted during this course: Modes of cell death, Colon cancer: inflammation and epigenetics, Functional genomics, Cell biology, Model systems for cancer research

Translational Medicine: Infection & Immunity


Topics in Translational Medicine: Infection & Immunity will be presented by members of the PhD Program in Microbiology and Immunology: Each will give a lecture on their favorite field with the focus on translation of findings in basic research into clinical practice and diagnostics.

Lab/WIP Seminar

Thursdays, 10:00 - 11.00h

Other Lectures