Translational Microbiome Research Center

The goal of our Translational Microbiome Research Center is the systematic promotion of microbiomics research at the University Hospital Zurich.


The center, headed by Prof. Dr. Michael Scharl, has two thematic focuses:


  1. The functional characterization of the intestinal microbiome with respect to the pathogenesis of inflammatory, metabolic and malignant diseases
  2. The application of the gathered learnings in a translational approach for the targeted development of new biomarkers and functional microbial therapies, serving the purpose of Precision Medicine.


The center thus concentrates on the continuous improvement of patient care through research and subsequent implementation of innovative diagnostic and therapeutic methods.


For a rapid, translational development of such innovative, microbiome-based treatment methods targeting various diseases, we are interested in synergistic alliances with like-minded research groups. Within this framework, sharing of expertise and established analysis pipelines enables mutually beneficial collaborations. 


An open label feasibility study of fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) in patients with malignancies not responding to immune checkpoint inhibitor therapy (ICI)

Author: Michael Scharl

Modulation of the gut microbiome for cancer therapy

Author: Michael Scharl